Laminated Supplies

Architectural Panel Manufacturers

Laminated Supplies was created in 1981, filling a gap in the distribution chain providing national and international delivery of architectural building products to building contractor and local authority refurbishment industries.

In addition to manufacturing a comprehensive range of standard products, Laminated Supplies today offers a bespoke product development facility, allowing us to manufacture bonded panels to our customer’s own unique design and specifications. Our made to measure service not only reduces on-site labour costs by minimising fixing time, but also provides the customer with the widest possible scope in his choice of materials available.

In the years since our formation, we have developed the processes of manufacture for an increasingly diverse range of architectural building panels, providing the company with a wealth of valuable experience, product and market knowledge which we are keen to share with our customers.

Our panels are factory produced and inspected constantly during manufacture. This ensures that the product arrives on site in a first class condition, ready for immediate installation.

The Construction

Our bonded sandwich panels are all factory produced in a controlled environment with strict quality inspection at all stages of production. Architectural building panels are extremely strong, tough and rigid. The strength is gained in the bonding process. On structural panels, the heat and moisture resistant adhesive is applied to all internal surfaces, by our semi-automatic computer controlled laminating system. The panels are then cured under extreme pressure which produces a highly efficient composite panel.

With the ability to use a wide range of facing and core materials, panels can be quickly and efficiently produced to specific and bespoke customer requirements.