laminated supplies



At Laminated Supplies, we are able to manufacture Bespoke Aluminium door panels which gives our customers the freedom to design their own ideas. These can be influenced by the aluminium brochure by our sister company Hallmark Panels.

We utilise our expertise in the fabrication of aluminium panels to create architectural vision panels designed for residential and commercial door applications.

We offer a range of standard vision panels to set dimensions (see Hallmark range) or can create BeSpoke vision panels to your precise dimensions and specifications. We offer our vision panels cut to size (up to 3000 x 1500) utilising the existing glass sizes calculated by the widely used industry manufacturing software for windows and doors.

Glazed Vision panels can bring light and vision into a room yet still enable a secure aluminium door. Additionally they enable people either side of the door to be seen – particularly useful on doors that have many users for entry and exit.

Our aluminium vision panels are available in many shapes and sizes such as circular, rectangular and square.

Laminated Supplies offers a one stop solution to glazed aluminium panels and vision panels where other companies rely on external powder coaters and often provide panels with cut apertures for glass to be sourced elsewhere. We have an in house glass toughening shop and a laser cutter to ensure everything can be manufactured internally.

Our Door Panels and Vision Panels are manufactured from aluminium sheet internally and externally, powder coated by our in house modern powder coating plant. We use quality insulation materials that, in conjunction with the aluminium door, are able to create an attractive entrance door that is strong and secure. We are also able to create vision panels and aluminium door panels to meet specific U Values.

The glass used in our aluminium door panels and vision panels is manufactured to the current standards and comes as toughened or laminated as standard, including triple glazing if required.

Our panels can be up to 3000 x 1500 to suit any size glazing frame. BeSpoke sidelights and toplights can also be manufactured.